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Interactive Brokers offers access to a huge selection of products, from standard offerings of stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds to precious metals, forex trading and futures.

Trading Center Want to learn how to invest? The system ensures that trades will be supported by current equity in the account and also automatically liquidates under-margined positions without making margin calls. 

With the account, users can test trading strategies, access trading tools, add financial instruments, customize the interface and compare commissions among others.

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IB is a U.S. broker and must follow U.S. guidelines. 3 simple questions help you choose the right form Some countries have a tax treaty with the U.S. Find out if you benefit from a lower tax-withholding rate.

It allows you to trade and monitor your Interactive Brokers account while on the go. Works with iOS and Android devices. WebTrader — the web based trading platform has similar functions as the desktop version. It has an intuitive interface and is secured by a firewall among other security protocols. To get started, you have to create an account. Registration has been simplified by categorizing the accounts into the following groups: Trader and investor accounts — designed for an individual investor, family office, small business, friends and family advisor.

Institution accounts — designed for registered investment advisor, hedge or mutual fund, money manager, proprietary trading group and incentive plan admin among others.

Registration is free and once your account is verified, you can begin trading. For beginners, Interactive Brokers offers a free trial account. The free trial account is available to the user without any commitment. With the account, users can test trading strategies, access trading tools, add financial instruments, customize the interface and compare commissions among others. Required Minimums Once you open an account, the following required minimums must be met before you start trading.

This includes single stock futures, stocks, options, futures options, forex bonds and CFDs. To ensure flexibility and favorable pricing plans for its customers, Interactive Brokers has created the following pricing plans too: Fixed pricing Under this plan, Interactive Brokers charges a flat rate per contract.

This includes all commissions together with exchange, regulatory and third party fees. The role served by a prime brokerage is that of facilitating large, active trading operations such as hedge funds. A prime broker can be thought of as a sort of central broker, facilitating and coordinating extensive, complex trading in a variety of financial instruments. Prime brokerage services are provided by major investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Core Prime Brokerage Services Prime brokers provide a wide variety of custodial and financial services to their hedge fund clients, including acting as an intermediary between hedge funds and two key counterparties.

The first of these important counterparties is large institutional investors , such as pension funds, that have massive equity holdings and, therefore, serve as a source of securities to lend for short-selling purposes. The second group of important counterparties is commercial banks that have adequate funds available to make large loans for margin purposes. These two counterparties, with the aid of the prime brokerage, enable hedge funds to engage in large-scale short selling through borrowing stocks and bonds from the large institutional investors, and to maximize their investments through leverage by obtaining margin financing from commercial banks.

The prime brokerage makes money by charging a fee, such as a spread or premium on the loan from a commercial bank, in return for facilitating the transaction. Another core service provided by prime brokers is that of trade clearing and settlement.

While a hedge fund traditionally operates through accounts at a number of brokerage firms, it commonly instructs these executing brokers to clear all trades through its designated prime broker. This simplifies reporting and operations for the hedge fund since the prime broker also typically serves as the custodian for the hedge fund's assets. It further simplifies and streamlines the process of borrowing investment securities and capital since the hedge fund's assets can quickly and easily be shifted to the prime broker as collateral.

Additional Prime Broker Services In addition to the core lending services they provide, prime brokers offer their hedge fund clients other services, sometimes referred to as "concierge services," designed to ease and enhance the operation of a hedge fund. One important additional service is offering risk and performance analytics.


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Prime Broker Services Our prime brokerage services are built on over 40 years of providing innovative technology solutions to our clients. Since Interactive Brokers 1 has focused on applying technology to every part of the trading and settlement process.

Interactive Brokers Prime Brokerage Fees The IB Prime brokerage services designed for strong balance sheet and large relative equity capital, The Interactive Brokers Prime Broker service has client fund protection and securities financing. INTERACTIVE BROKERS LLC is a member NYSE - FINRA - SIPC and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Headquarters: One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT USA INTERACTIVE BROKERS CANADA INC. 

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Does Quantopian support prime brokerage with interactive brokers? AKA eventhough it is not a personal account if I have a sign in it should work? Please sign . How does Interactive Brokers compare with Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse as a hedge fund's Prime Broker? I was primed at GS and I moved to IBKR. I quite liked Trader Workstation at IBKR. It is an intuitive trading platform. IBKR prices are extremely low and you do not need to argue and negotiate your way into getting good prices.

Spread orders across multiple execution brokers and give up to your main clearing prime broker to maintain execution anonymity. Securities Lending Borrow securities directly from your prime broker to reduce financing costs and . Interactive Brokers Login explained by Forex professionals, all about InteractiveBrokers Login, Finding out how to solve “Interactive Brokers Login problems” or what is Interactive Brokers Login account management or how to do Interactive Brokers Login WebTrader platform.

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