Mileage Tracker Review: 8 Best Apps to Track Your Mileage

Many of these apps have been made by Garmin themselves.

Something you'd expect to find already on a top level Garmin device. 

This includes letting you can keep an eye on ground contact time, vertical oscillation and live power zones. At best then, Connect IQ feels like a mixed bag but it's there's definite signs that things are improving.

Stress-free logging. Accurate mileage reports. All in the palm of your hand. 

Designed by Bubble Quiz Games, this is the ultimate IQ test app for Android. It’s been downloaded more than million times on the Play Store and has managed to garner an average score rating.

If not these are basically the customisable sections you can display on the face of your Garmin. Whereas before you could only display the fields Garmin pre-selected, with Connect IQ you'll be able to add more options and tweak your device with a wider variety of stats. Watch faces Finally you can choose from a range of third party watch face designs and layouts. These cover everything from turning your Garmin Forerunner screen into an old school big hand little hand display to putting a skull and cross bones jolly roger on your Vivoactive 3.

Many of the watch faces have been designed to work across different devices too so upgrading your watch doesn't mean sacrificing your beloved custom screens. You can download apps via the Garmin Connect Mobile app and then sync them wirelessly via Bluetooth to you compatible Garmin watch. Alternatively you'll need access to a laptop with Garmin Express installed and your Garmin device to be fully up to date so that's it compatible with IQ.

Once that's sorted the download process is fairly simple. Hitting the Manage button takes you to another page where you can see what's already installed, how much space you've got left on the device and manage all of you downloads onto and off the watch. You can also navigate to the Garmin Connect IQ store from here to search for things you'd like to download. Best Garmin Connect IQ apps The Garmin Connect IQ store has come on leaps and bounds since we originally penned this list, and now there's a tonne of useful applets to try out.

We've rounded up our favourites below. Strava Routes We think it's a fair assumption to make that if you've got a Garmin, you're probably logging your workouts in Strava as well. If a friend or fellow Strava user happens to share a good running or cycling route, this app will let you transfer it over to your watch so you can follow the same route. It'll show you when you've veered off course as well, if you're worried about getting lost.

Forerunner XT, Forerunner , Fenix 5 series. Yes, you can put yourself through the agony of a bleep test, setting up your watch to create 20 metre shuttle run that should quickly give you a sense of whether you need to spend a bit more time in the gym or in your running shoes. Download Beeb Test Connect IQ app Toothbrush Timer An app not for tracking your fitness but your brushing time in the morning and before you go to bed. The timer is set up for the two minutes that dentist recommend you should spend cleaning your teeth highlighting the areas you should focus on with.

It'll also send a small vibration to let you know when to move on from those awkward bits at the back. Download the Toothbrush Timer Connect IQ app Stryd IQ The makers of the wearable power meter for runners have also built a really useful companion Connect IQ app that lets you view power-based metrics tracked by the company's devices. This includes letting you can keep an eye on ground contact time, vertical oscillation and live power zones.

It'll also help you get your pace right for race day. Away from the app, there's a Stryd Power data field, which can be added to a host of different sports tracking modes. Download Stryd IQ Connect IQ app Learn to run For running beginners who've splashed out big on a feature-packed Garmin watch, this simple app offers a host of different training programs that will help you run 5K.

When you've mastered doing a 5K, you can move up to 10k and running for longer with interval training added to the mix to get you in shape for covering those big distances. You can configure the race prediction by entering the distance of your preferred event in meters, which will display after just 45 seconds of running, and adapt as your pace changes. There's now even dedicated data fields for cycling, swimming and walking too. Download Dozen Run Connect IQ data field 7-Minute Workout For HIIT lovers, 7-Minute Workout takes you through a series of exercises to get the heart pumping including jumping jacks and push-ups, factoring in rest times and displaying real-time heart rate data.

The UI looks great and it'll help you mix up that training when you're struggling to put aside time. You can get a countdown of its progress to your spot, with estimated time of arrival, make of car, license plate and even directions to the pick up location. Can we have this for our Apple Watch too? GearMin is your friend.

It adds every conceivable metric to your watch's display, from the time and date, to current step count, sunrise and sunset times, unread emails and live heart rate.

It actually goes beyond information overload onto a new dimension of super data we've never experienced before. Download GearMin Connect IQ app Strava Live Suffer Score Strava is one of our favourite fitness platforms and it's great that Garmin has been open to integrating aspects of the service into its devices. You can also increase its accuracy in the settings tab but it will suck up more battery. If you mix a lot of personal and business trips, the categorization feature will make tracking your business miles a lot easier.

At the end of the tax year, QuickBooks Self-Employed will also automatically compare your business miles with all of your actual expenses and recommend whichever deduction is greater between mileage and actual expenses. So for those in a nicer car with higher maintenance costs, this is a great way to compare the two without any additional effort. It does the best job of syncing with banks, monitoring expenses, and automating my bookkeeping as a driver.

You can start and stop recording your mileage for each trip by tapping the start button when you leave home — or in some versions of the app, you can set it up to record automatically. I also really like that it shows me a map of everywhere I drove while recording my miles: Fortunately, Stride is easy on your phone. The latest Android rendition of the app is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. Stride has its roots specializing in providing health care and other benefits to on-demand workers by acting as a platform that allows independent contractors to find the best health plans.

Stride Tax continues their mission of providing services for on-demand workers. Especially since it is one of the few truly free mileage and expense tracking apps. However, it did not make my top pick because its user interface was a bit laggy and the app is kind of packed with buttons and messages to upgrade to their premium product.

It also used the 2nd most data in my test You can also use TripLog 2. Of all the mileage tracking apps available, TripLog is the best mileage tracking app for those who want to control WHEN it will start tracking your trips. The app is a big upgrade from the previous version and it looks a lot better.

They used the 2nd least amount of mobile data in my test and had minimal impact on my battery since I set it to only track my miles when my phone was plugged in AND I was moving more than 5mph. MileIQ was the least accurate It also used a lot of battery. I found this irritating because MileIQ literally had one job to do! This is nice because I often stop to take a break and the automatic mileage tracking function ends up making it two trips.

As a standalone mileage tracking app MileIQ should be able to display this!


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MileIQ is the leading Mileage Tracking App for Android, iPhone. Ditch your mileage tracker forms and let us handle your business miles for taxes. What can you download? All of the apps on Garmin Connect IQ are free. Many of these apps have been made by Garmin themselves. The rest are from third party developers and other Garmin users.

The IQ Option’s mobile app is one of their creations that have brought a revolution in the binary options trading industry. This technical innovation helps the traders to analyze the market more effectively, generate accurate signals, whereby making more money. Individuals who have used a sports betting app, they will find this one easy. What Are the Best Apps to Track Your Mileage in ? Mileage Tracking App Mobile Data Test. One important metric to measure mileage tracking apps is by the amount of data they use over time. This is especially important for those who may have a cap on their mobile data plan. Mile IQ: MB. Hurdlr: MB. Rydar: MB. .

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