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So the truth remains that sex is not the sole cause of acne but can possibly contribute to its development in a round-about way.Every part of the face is connected to certain organ and it can show you some illness or disease.If so, this post will help you get to the bottom of why and what you should do to put an end to the madness.

Though annoying, acne is fairly easy to treat and there are a number of things you can do to get rid of your.Balancing the dosha that seems to be troubled is the first step toward healthier skin and system.

The Chinese believe that you can tell a lot about the health of your body simply by looking at your face.TCM DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF ACNE According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are four types of acne, which can be caused by lung heat, stomach heat, blood heat or damp heat.Organs work together to make sure we stay healthy, happy, and that certain processes are working.

Chinese face Map reveals what Part of Body Could be Sick

What your acne telling you info-graphic The Template Scan Face Mapping Your Acne Young woman with acne face map Used blackhead remover sheet Boys with acne, illustration Red Tube Of Cream Woman skin care and beauty illustration.

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A. MISHIO KUSHI THEORY (Face Reading) The Mishio Kushi Theory contends that a weakness or toxicity in a certain organ or gland can cause acne on certain areas of the body.The skin on the face is quite sensitive, so it reacts to internal issues or potential health changes.

And I decided to do more research on it and put together this post for long-time sufferers of acne and as a reminder for myself to take better care of my health.

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The more there are in a given area, the more oil that area of the skin produces, and more likely it is for acne to appear there.

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It shows the different parts of the face and their corresponding internal organ.If you find that your pimples are placed in more or less the same spot each month, then it is very likely that your body is trying to tell you something.

By using the right pressure points you can regain the long lost texture and youthful skin.

The position of acne on your face can tell your health

Usually we see face maps based upon TCM, so today I want to show you Ayurvedic face mapping and how it differs.Hence, each part of the fact could be associated with a specific organ.

Heal your skin problems, from acne to dryness, with face mapping.Acne is an incredibly common skin condition that everyone deals with at some point in their life.

This is the only link that can be established between sex and acne.

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Each organ of the body is connected to certain areas of the face.Science says no, but reoccurring spots do happen for a reason.