This allows you to charge against your cash balance or even your margin account if you meet the margin requirements. Why we chose it Rewards active trading For pure trading and competitive prices, no other brokerage comes close to Interactive Brokers. 

Platforms and Tools - Are They Good? You can create reports based on different aspects to help you choose appropriate trades for your risk level.

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Interactive Brokers: $10, cash account, 10, margin account: $2, Just2trade: Some brokers will also impose account minimums if you want to trade derivative contracts. There is no government-imposed or FINRA-required minimum on this one, but some brokerage houses may have their own minimums. Minimum Balance .

Image from Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers fees for forex are wonderfully transparent. Instead of marking up quotes and waiving commissions, as do many forex firms, Interactive Brokers passes through the prices that it receives and charges a separate low commission. See the chart below for details: Image from Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers fees for metals are simple.

All trade amounts are subject to a 0. Interactive Brokers fees for U. Commissions are calculated based on volume, and any external fees are added on. FINRA trading activity fees of 0. Commissions apply to all mutual funds except no transaction fee mutual funds. It has a marketplace where clients can access independent advisers for a fee. It is recognized by in the industry for having some of the best tools and technologies traders can have at their disposal.

Trade at home, office and on-the-go on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and the web. It provides highly customizable trading platforms TradeStation and OptionStation that enable advanced charting, option and Greek calculators, quick trade bar and sophisticated order-entry tools that enable complex option positions. TradeStation Labs is a team of analysts that assists traders to master the platform and provides insightful research and analysis.

Recognia is an advanced technical charting tool that analyzes tens of thousands of investment products equities, futures and currencies at exchanges across the globe to identify the patterns of emerging opportunities for traders.

IB also provides a very advanced platform and tools for sophisticated traders. Probability Labs and Option Calculator help options traders visualize the option mechanics and assist them in computing and analyzing option profit, Greeks and option probability distribution, including scenario analysis. Option Strategies Widget assists traders in the creation and testing of various option strategies. Traders get access to research, news feeds and market data from both Interactive Brokers Information System "IBIS" own research and news service provider and other vendors for a fee.

Volatility Lab assists traders in mapping out historical, forward-looking and implied volatility profiles and skews. Automated Trading With Interactive Brokers. Another key advantage of Interactive Brokers is that it is known for delivering value price improvement through its Smart-Router. Options traders can direct their smart-routed orders of non-marketable securities to an exchange that offers the best rebate or liquidity. Users also have the option to make trades via their IB brokers app.

Traders also have the option to bypass this open and instead direct orders to a preferred exchange manually. Interactive Brokers also offers other features such as comprehensive reports which includes transaction cost analysis, real-time trade confirmations, margin details and tax optimization. They provide tools such as the Option Strategy Lab that allows users to create multi-leg option orders based on price preferences and volatility forecast.

Interactive Brokers Is Best For… Expert or advanced traders Traders who have a large amount of money to invest Options traders Traders who want to open a margin account Traders who want to trade penny stocks Pros and Cons Offers the lowest margin rates of any broker Wide variety of products and services Low commissions for ETFs and stocks Robust trading platform: Fast and includes a customizable dashboard Cons: In general though, fees differ depending on whether or not you choose fixed or tiered pricing.

Here is an example of their pricing: Fixed pricing for stocks and ETFs: Opening an Account The process to open an account depends on the type you plan on opening and your country of residence. For individuals, the minimum age is 18 to open a cash account, but you need to be at least 21 to open a margin account.


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Monthly Activity Fee = 0 if consolidated monthly commissions are less than the Required Minimum, the standard minimum activity fee will be applied to each account, proportionally on an account-by-account basis as described below. To calculate the Required Minimum, multiply the total number of open client accounts during the month by

Jan 02,  · Where Interactive Brokers falls short. Minimum investment requirement: The $10, minimum investment requirement is steeper than at many other online brokers, which brings Interactive Brokers’ rating down a notch. The company does lower its minimum to $5, for individual retirement accounts and $3, for clients 25 or Author: Arielle O'Shea & James Royal. Interactive Brokers, however, has a $10 monthly minimum commission requirement to avoid a $10 monthly inactivity fee ($20 monthly if account balance is less than $2,) and $10 monthly market data fee/5. 

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Interactive Brokers provides a debit card with all standard accounts (not IRA accounts). This allows you to charge against your cash balance or even your margin account if you meet the margin requirements/5. Interactive Brokers minimum balance requirements, activity fees and connection fees.

Brokers are required to make an initial Interactive Brokers minimum deposit of $10,, which is applied against the total of their first eight months of minimum commissions. At the end of the eighth month, their total commissions are subtracted from the $10, deposit to reach the required commission minimum. Jun 23,  · Minimum Balance to Maintain in IB? Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by There's lots of brokers that let you trade on margin with on your account. Share. atticus. 12, Posts; 17 Likes; Quote from tyrant: Is there a minimum account balance to be maintained at IB before the account is closed off? I undertand .

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