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Some are worthless, but others contain the types of problems you'll be expected to answer on an actual test.

In most cases, this is the time our human brain can readily access them by paying attention to them only, and actively search their answers. 

Example The painting of Van Gogh are liked by All who see them. If you want to save time on this one, learn speed reading.

Do the questions in this test trick you or are you aware of the right answers? 

The tricks are general because both kinds of test have similar attributes and factors (mostly environmental) affecting them. However, they can be controlled or manipulated. Below are the tips and tricks for passing an IQ test or .

Then imagine yourself eating it a bite at a time. Experience all the sensations of touch, taste, sound, smell and sight.

The hard part is keeping the mental image of your apple consistent with where and how you eat it. I can usually only go about 10 bites before the mental image degrades.

Focused Breathing — Start by slowing your breathing to about seconds per breath. Next focus on one specific part of your body on the inhale. Select a new focus on the exhale. You can then move this to noticing specific sounds or senses. A good exercise in focus. Self-Dialog — Meditation makes it easier to talk with yourself.

You can invent characters that can dialog with you, helping explore ideas. I believe journaling is an easier form of introspection than meditation, but they both have their strengths. Cycle Hobbies — Take up new activities regularly. This will keep your learning curve steep so your mind is always engaged at a high intensity. Sometimes this can be difficult with time constraints, but the benefits are impressive.

If you want to save time on this one, learn speed reading. Engaging Fiction — Engage yourself in movies, books or television that makes you think. Puzzles — I like to do crosswords and computer game puzzles. Competitive Games — Games that require strategic thinking are excellent ways to boost your logic and empathizing skills.

Chess may be an intellectual favorite, but newer games can hold more promise by being much more diverse, and having a deeper range of strategic options. Create Regularly — I always like to have a project on the go. Thought Experiments — Einstein was famous for thought experiments. Want to ace an IQ test? Make "I can and I will" your mantra.

Erase fear Fear is one synonymous word to lack of confidence and you already know this. Of course, fear is also a friend of negative mindset.

The moment the fear of success or failure sets in, you probably have already failed from the unconscious and this might soon manifest into your conscious mind and expressed as reality. Don't want failure of IQ test to become your reality? Start believing and actively working towards conquering failure of IQ tests but also in all situations of life. Prepare ahead Preparation is planning; have thoughts running on your mind about what the likely test questions could be. Gather previous questions, test yourself and score yourself on it without bias.

Have a break Before the actual test date, it is a good idea to have a break and stop learning new things or materials; ideally, this could be one or two days break to the actual test. You want to give enough time for materials learned to fully consolidate into long term memory.

Eat lite food Don't eat heavy or solid food before taking the test on the test date. You don't want to have stomach upset or develop constipation during the test. Does it make sense to want to poop during the test? Your answer should always be the best fit. Use the process of elimination Use this to narrow down your choices, so as to strike out options which offer unlikely, irrelevant or poor answers. In this way you improve your odds at boiling down to the right answer in case you don't know the correct one and are forced to make a guess.

Take the question at face value Don't try to read between the lines or overanalyze the question that is being asked. This way you run the risk of misinterpreting the question and reduce your chances of hitting the right choice. It's true you have to watch out for tricky ones, but don't complicate the simple ones! Strike off the absolutes in the options As you skim through the answer choices you might come across ones which are absolutes "all, never, none and always". These make no accommodations for exceptions.

Excluding some very specific questions, the answer choices containing an absolute, are most likely to be incorrect. Example The painting of Van Gogh are liked by All who see them. Most of the art lovers. Here you can immediately know that the second option is the correct choice, as it is not absolute.

Don't spend too much time for any one question As most IQ tests have to be completed within a stipulated time limit, you must use your time wisely.


7 Simple IQ Test Tips and Tricks 

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