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Heavyweight Champion Mike Davis vs. If you access it in any other country, it will change the headline to suit your location.

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Horrible scam review: The Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) April 28, John Novak This is a review of a new binary options scam called the “ Million Dollar Challenge ” or MDC.

You easily get distracted and personally I advise just to listen to Tim or advanced students. Definitely ignore all the ticker messages once you start trading yourself or you will lose money.

That was one of the main annoying points in the webinar. Trainings And Tools So when I signed up for the course, a week later, I got my first bit of material, which was: Access to the video library on www.

Personally I imagined the whole course to be a lot better organized and more structured, like the Wealthy Affiliate community. The sign up fee is all year round so you just join where the others left off.

This really put me off at first but I guess you need to study on your own pace and catch up. I expected to sign up and then start at a certain month with everyone who passed the millionaire registration starting from zero. Then together we would get the most important videos and personal help until we are ready to trade within months with an advised amount of money, homework assignments etc. I was wrong, it was just all on me basically.

I did however love the fact that you could write the Teachers personally and they would give you a detailed answer as soon as possible. The results were conclusive and indisputable, this is a very elaborate scheme and a verified binary options investment SCAM.

Still, they failed the most basic and preliminary credibility test. We Googled the name Stanford Marcs Investment Group on the internet, and what we found was a collection of articles related to MDC, but nothing like an official homepage or business listing. We found similar names, but nothing that matches that description as you can clearly see in the image below.

Additionally, we were not able to find any social profiles on Facebook or Twitter for these cheaters. You will have to take my word for it when I tell you that the rest of the testimonials are also fake and ripped off the internet without written consent.

This is the standard modus operandi for crooks wanting to bait innocent customers and trick them into opening trading accounts using false advertising techniques. Bass goes to the eyes again and dumps Slater for some quick JJ cheating. Back in, Bass beats Slater into the corner, but Slater turns it around on him and fires back. Slater hits a back suplex and covers, but JJ comes in to break it up.

Slater goes over and slams Bass and then hits a jumping leg drop. The finish was lame. Not a bad move, I guess. Anyways, all is forgiven and Don Kernodle is pro-American again and loved by all.

Nikita had only been wrestling for a few months at this point and was receiving a very mild Goldberg push by wrestling short matches and doing rare interviews. Anderson throws out Nikita while Larson isolates Ivan for a while. Ivan finally gets a break and goes to the eyes to make the tag to Nikita. He rams his shoulder in Ole a bunch and then hits the Russian Bearhug. Ivan draws Larson in the ring so he can nail Ole with a double-ax handle before he escapes the bearhug.

Ole still manages to punch out, but Nikita cuts off the tag. After Ivan tags and misses an elbow drop, Nikita grabs the bearhug again. He connects with some back elbows, but then whiffs on a dropkick. Desperation small package on Ivan gets two. After the match, the Koloffs try and put Larson out of action, but Kernodle limps in and beats them up with his crutch.

Tully wants to go right after the ribs and Steamboat knows this, so he has to come back with quick offensive flurries. Tully tries to roll out to the floor, so Steamboat gives him a suplex back in for two. Steamboat grabs a chinlock, but Tully grabs the bottom rope.

Steamboat hits a knee-lift and now the hurt ribs are starting to bother him. On the break, Tully kicks him in the ribs and comes back in for a back suplex. Brief counter by Steamboat into a chinlock causes a stalemate. Steamboat drills Blanchard with a powerslam for two. Ten-count corner punches ensue and Blanchard blades. Swinging neckbreaker gets two for Steamboat.

More chops from Steamboat sends Tully to the apron where he pulls out some brass knux. Blanchard misses though and Steamboat goes for a back suplex to bring Tully back in, but Tully nails him on the way down. Both men are flat on their backs. Once they get to their feet, Tully comes running at Steamboat with a crossbody for NO! Tully reverses a whip into the ropes, but ducks low allowing Steamboat to fly over him for a sunset flip. Another good hard fought match.


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The Million Dollar Challenge Scam Review Here’s a rather pointless review of “the million dollar challenge” which is currently being spammed out left right and centre by online markets as something that can make you a million dollars in a very short space of time.

It is called the “Million Dollar Challenge” by Michael Morgan. Morgan says that he has an automatic binary options trading system that will make money for you. He “guarantees” that it will either make you one million dollars in one month, or he will give you 10 thousand dollars from his pocket. Join Louis in The Million Dollar Challenge review and find out if the Million Dollar Challenge is a scam. Read this honest review for all the details. 

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Fighting online scams since 2013

Million Dollar Challenge (MDC Software) is a robot trading app that has recently been launched in the market. The creator of this software, William Stanford is a self-proclaimed founder and owner of Stanford & Marcs. This review is for all the traders out there, who are looking for facts to confirm the legitimacy of the Million Dollar Challenge. The Million Dollar Challenge Software, App, and Auto-trader as well as William Stanford is a confirmed binary options investment scam. Warning, review proves.

Horrible scam review: The Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) April 28, John Novak This is a review of a new binary options scam called the “ Million Dollar Challenge ” or MDC. The Millionaires Challenge is a course you can sign up for to become one of the students of Timothy Sykes to learn how to trade penny stocks. Tim Sykes is a self made millionaire, that took $ 12, of his Bar Mitzvah money and turned it into roughly $1,,

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