Stock Broker Salary – How much money do you really make?

Earning millions in the stock market can seem like a daunting task, but it is one that you can achieve, if you follow these steps and keep this dedicated approach in mind.

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Just look at the success some day traders have; they are the epitome of earning off of short selling.

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But can such returns turn your thousands into millions? Yes, eventually. An investment of merely $10, would turn into $1 million in 30 years, if it grew at an annual average of 17%. But that's a fairly steep rate to count on for your stock investments -- a number to which only a select few master investors can aspire.

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Mar 24,  · There is no such thing as an "average salary" since stock brokers that work for regular brokerage firms are not salaries, they are commission only but many make bonuses. Brokers that work for banks or other financial institutions do receive salaries and some may receive a bonus, but such brokers will never make as million Status: Resolved.

Stock brokers make an average of $47, a year, and floor representatives $43, annually, far from the millions you may think, although the ones working on Wall Street typically do make more. Brokers working in New York City will make more than brokers working in the Midwest, for example. (The top 10% of brokers in New York City can make over $, annually.) Brokers make their money in several different ways, mostly from your actions. 

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In fact, with the right approach and the right skills, investing even a little in the stock market can put you on the road to earning millions. Becoming a stock . Can a stock broker make millions - income tax consequences of running business from home Has authority but emulation similar.

Sam Polk was a hedge fund trader on Wall Street who had made more than $5 million in bonuses by the age of 30, but he left finance behind and went on to start a nonprofit to help feed the hungry. He tells us why. Fortune’s story has been updated to reflect these facts. and the stock at the time traded for $ “I get pitched all the time from people who .

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