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Other Considerations Other key considerations that are often overlooked by traders when choosing a spread betting broker are:

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Interest is charged on the borrowed funds and can accumulate rapidly. The interest can either work in your favour or cut into your profits depending on the asset being traded. The broker should be available at all times.

This is important when the trader needs to quickly withdraw from certain positions or if the platform breaks down during trading time. Is the Broker Regulated? Reputable and trusted spread betting firms in the U. The Financial Conduct Authority also prohibits the spread betting firms from pushing any financial advice to their clients, meaning brokers are not allowed to recommend certain trades or advise clients to take profits.

The broker can, however, offer the clients advice on the most suitable type of spread bet. When choosing a spread betting broker, always ensure you are going with a regulated broker as a minimum. Other Considerations Other key considerations that are often overlooked by traders when choosing a spread betting broker are: Will the broker go bust? Can the broker fix any trading errors that occur? But there certain precautions that, nevertheless, you can take. You need to check whether the firm is well capitalised and financially sound, whether you are doing spread betting to hedge longer term positions, or simply to speculate.

A white label platform is one where the spread betting company places its logo on the spread betting platform. Usually these companies will entice you with offers like matched funds on your initial bonus.

The trader should consider the other factors mentioned here as first priority; then all things being held equal, the broker that offers a bonus is of course a more attractive proposition. Using a white label broker means that you will be using a middleman and not dealing directly with the provider.

A customer of a white label is essentially a customer of the underlying brand and not the actual brand. This can complicate things like when the trader tries to get some recourse whenever a trading error occurs. This can make the whole resolution process much lengthier. The fact of the matter is that all companies experience trading errors both from dealers and clients. Your broker should be able to sort out such problems. This might give a slight edge over public companies compared to private ones because they are required by law to make their financial accounts public on a regular basis.

This, however, does not in any way mean that brokers from public firms are inherently better than traders from private firms. Full suite of advanced charting tools to aid your market analysis. Bespoke phone service provided by experienced traders. Clients at Spreadex are also able to take advantage of a credit facility subject to your credit history etc which permits you to open trades without having to fund your account.

Spreadex has recently re-launched its trading platform which now is highly customisable and things like trade tickets, charts, watchlists and orders can be dragged and dropped around the screen to position convenient to the user. One-click execution is now also available while trading sessions are now saved so that when a trader exits the trading platform, the next login will restore the session with the last recorded settings from the earlier visit.

User reports of Spreadex have been generally favourable, and it has tight spreads and good customer service. While spreads for other markets may not be as tight they are still reasonable. Unlike some other brokers, placing a stop loss order when you open a position is not automatic or easy.

You have to open your position first and then set a limit order or stop loss to protect you from substantial losses. The trading platform is browser-based, allowing you to spread bet from any Internet connected computer. Spreadex also offers mobile betting and is able to take bets over the phone via its team of friendly traders.

For those who are not familiar with spread betting, and who might need some help, Spreadex have produced a series of training videos to help beginners get to grips with the features of the Spreadex trading platform.

The philosophy with Spreadex is evident in their website. When you visit it, you are given a brief description and four choices. Three of them describe the process of applying for an account, trading on the platform where they promise that traders will call you to explain how it works , and claiming your bonus as appropriate. All of them take you to the online application, and there is simply no distraction to filling it out.


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Spreadex is an interesting spread betting provider for the financial trader, as it still has a significant sports betting side. In fact the current sign-up offer for new accounts includes £ towards financial spread betting losses and two £ sports spread bets. Best Spread Betting Brokers (UK) We found 0 broker accounts (out of ) that are suitable for Spread Betting. scored best in our review of the top brokers for spread betting, which takes into account + factors across eight categories. Here are some areas where scored highly in.

Sports Spread Betting is a brand new service which is operated by Max. As the name suggests, Sports Spread Betting is a spread betting based tipster service that looks at a variety of different sports. ProSpreads offer a professional advanced spread betting platform especially designed for scalpers and day traders in mind - please note that this platform is only suited to advanced traders.

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