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However, as the Pacific War progressed, Allied submarines and aircraft took a heavy toll on Japan's shipping.

But her thoughts in italics will be in her own girl voice. However, this option is not available for many stocks, such as those belonging to some non-American exchanges, or for currencies. 

These uniforms are based on Meiji era formal military dress, themselves modeled on European-style naval uniforms. These people are really strange.


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Many treasure hunters believe Yamashita's loot is still concealed somewhere in the Philippines. General Tomoyuki Yamashita, is said to have ordered the concealment of the treasure as he retreated from US forces, breaking the treasure, said to have been carried on several trucks, into many smaller stashes that were hidden along the line of his retreat on the island Luzon.

The bulk of the stashes are said to be concentrated in the mountainous area where Yamashita made his last stand against the invading US troops, before his eventual surrender on September 2nd, Many people believe the reports of hidden treasure to be an urban legend, but the treasure stories do have supporters among some respected researchers and historians.

There are still many treasure hunters who comb the Philippine countryside in search of the treasure. The 'gold' is believed to have been anything from gold bullion to religious statues. The theory is that the treasure from Asia was to finance Japan's war effort. The treasure had to be transported from the continent back to Japan, via the sea. Most of the stolen treasure from South East Asia was first shipped to the port of Singapore, where it was then relayed to the Philippines.

From the Philippines, it was intended, the treasure would be shipped to the Japanese home islands. However, as the Pacific War progressed, Allied submarines and aircraft took a heavy toll on Japan's shipping. The Japanese then took the treasure and hid it in caves and underground complexes throughout the Philippines, hoping to recover it after the war was over. Forgive me," she bowed to the class. My name is Yamasuta Tamaki. I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like Mexican food and rock music.

I like to play volleyball but I like soccer even more. Here's a little extra information though. I look forward to my time here and I hope to become good friends with you all. Alexa grabbed her stuff and walked to the seat he mentioned.

When she got there, she froze before she sat down and stared at the two boys on either side of her assigned desk. She thought as she sat down, still in a bit of a shock. She glanced at both of them out of the corners of her eyes. It should be illegal for boys this pretty to be able to go to an all-boys school. I bet they get mistaken for girls all the time. At this she chuckled to herself. Yuujiro arched an eyebrow and looked at the new student when he heard the chuckle. Oh nothing…is it, Shihoudani-kun?

She turned to the blue-haired boy on her right and said, "So you must be Kouno-kun. They're not going to give up are they? Might as well tell them. I thought it was kind of funny.

You sort of look like a girl too," Yuujiro replied. Is it that obvious? Alexa started to worry. What's he talki— "Hmmm… we might. He definitely looks the part. That means he'll be put into one of the P-rooms," Yuujiro said.

Alexa looked at both of the boys like they belonged in a loony bin. What on earth could they mean? He'll do anything to get out of the princess job," Tohru replied. They didn't talk anymore for the rest of the class, which left Alexa to wonder about their conversation the entire time. What do they mean 'Princess job'? Would all princesses please report to the student council room. Yuujiro and Tohru just glanced at each other and then shrugged their shoulders.

Arisada had probably come up with some new idea for them to be a part of. They had no idea. Lovely to see you," Arisada greeted them.

Of course, not without his whole following of council members behind him. What crazy new idea have you cooked up for us now? There is no crazy new idea, Yuu-chan. This will be the second time we have done this event," he told them. The princesses all exchanged puzzled expressions. Like Tohru-kun did," he told them. Yuu and I already met him. He's in our class. His name is Yamasuta Tamaki-kun and he just came over from Argentina," Tohru said. The reason we are telling you three is because we might have a prospective princess," Arisada told them.

It's not like you need more than three—" Mikoto said hopefully. This means we will have four princesses now.

Fn fn fn fn fn," he laughed to himself. The guy was beautiful," Yuujiro said shrugging his shoulders. He looked kind of like a girl too. At least we'll have someone else to talk to besides whiney Mikoto, eh, Yuu-chan? Maybe he can help us pick on Mikoto too," Yuujiro stated. Then there was a knock on the door. And behind me are Koshino, the vice president; our secretary, Tadasu; and our treasurer, Harue. We have a little proposition for you.

Alexa was still wondering what this whole thing was about. And what they meant by 'Princess'. This school is made up of only boys. So there tends to be a lot more tension and stress. The boys need an outlet for the stress. That's why we have the Princess system. And what is it? And if you don't take the job you'll lose school credits! And—" Mikoto was silenced by Yuujiro with a pillow in the mouth.

But that didn't mean Alexa didn't hear what he said. Arisada just ignored Mikoto's outburst and Alexa's comments and continued on with his explanation so that he could hear more of his own voice. But before you make your decision, listen to all the great benefits you get as a Princess. He's got my attention.

All of your meals at school are free. When you are called out of the middle of class for anything princess related, it is excused. When you do a photo shoot and we sell pictures and princess merchandise, you get a portion of the profit. Also, while on Princess duty, you are allowed to roam all over the campus without getting into trouble.

Free meals so the agency doesn't have to spend as much. And I get to roam around campus without any trouble. That would definitely help me get close to Makiuro. Tamaki your better than that! You don't have too! It's more horrible than he makes it sound!

So I don't really have a choice. And the rest of you as well. Fn fn fn fn fn," Arisada waved them out.


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